Miami Culinary Tours – South Beach Edition Part 2

MIACulinaryTour_JerrysDeli_exteriorContinuing on in our exciting Miami Culinary Tours South Beach tour, the next stop was Jerry’s Famous Deli. I did not expect to see such a fancy interior straight out of the Art Deco period from this 24 hour classic deli.

MIACulinaryTour_JerrysDeli_interiorWe tried their traditional Raspberry Rugala which was a great little treat, sweet and with a nice flakey pastry.


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MIACulinaryTour_Blocks_pizzacounterOur next stop was a surprise one for me, Blocks Pizza Deli was not at all what I expected when I first walked in. I will admit, I have become quite a pizza snob after my stint in NYC, and not to mention my Italian background. So I was thoroughly surprised to see that there were real Italians behind the counter serving the “The Mother Dough” which comes fresh from Italy (never frozen!). MIACulinaryTour_Blocks_pizzaI wanted to try the pizza so bad, but I was getting really full at this point and they gave us a Blocks Pocket to try instead. MIACulinaryTour_Blocks_motherdoughThe Sun Dried Hippie Pocket came with sun dried tomatoes, feta, baby spinach, basil pesto, and kalamata olives inside of their home baked Mother Dough pocket. All of their ingredients are fresh and natural with organic veggies and you could really taste it! I will definitely be back to Blocks next time I’m in South Beach!


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MIACulinaryTour_CharlottesCafeOur second to last stop was Charlotte Bakery, a family owned bakery specializing in latin favorites. I loved the display which featured sweet and savory pastries detailing the country from which it originated. We got to try an Argentinian Empanada filled with chicken and made from wheat flour and baked as opposed to the Colombian one we had at Bolivar which was made from corn flour and deep fried. The empanada was accompanied by an avocado cilantro sauce that was absolutely perfect for dipping.


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MiamiCulinaryTours_EspanolaWayFinally our last stop was on Española Way, a super cute little street that’s closed off from traffic and really reminds me of a typical street in Spain or Italy with pastel painted walls and bougainvilleas climbing trellises. We stopped at Milani Gelateria, an authentic Italian ice cream shop which was a welcome cool treat after a day of walking all around South Beach.

MIACulinaryTour_Milani_gelatowheelThey had this super high tech looking wheel of gelato which spun around as you picked your flavor – I went for the Bacio of course which is a chocolate hazelnut concoction. Did you know that gelato actually never freezes unlike traditional ice cream? AND it has a lower fat content! The Italians really know how to make me happy ;). MIACulinaryTour_Milani_gelato3

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What a great day exploring all of the unique culinary genres in South Beach! From American to Cuban to Colombian and Italian, you can really taste it all in Miami. A special thank you to Miami Culinary Tours for reminding me that I don’t have to live in New York City to enjoy a great variety of cuisines, I just have to get on I-95!