Miami Culinary Tours – South Beach Edition

MIACulinaryTour_OceanDrive2Shortly after moving back to South Florida, I was graciously invited to check out the Miami Culinary Tours which I was so thrilled to attend! I was torn between taking the South Beach tour or the Little Havana tour. I am a huge fan of Cuban food, and since moving away I really have missed it! But I decided to go for the South Beach tour since it would hit a variety of cuisines.

MIACulinaryTour_OceanDriveIt wasn’t the prettiest of days, which is unusual for sunny Miami, but it actually made for more comfortable walking weather.

We met our lovely tour guide Cassie at 660 at The Angler’s, an historic Art Deco hotel on Washington Avenue.

MIACulinaryTour_AnglerWe started off with an amazing Scallop Tiradito, a spin off of the Peruvian ceviche with passion fruit juice and a drizzle of lemon oil. The scallop was tender and sweet and an excellent balance to the tart citrus flavors and spicy aji. Seconds please!
MIACulinaryTour_Angler_ScallopTiradito 660 at The Angler's on Urbanspoon

Our next stop was Bolivar, a Colombian fusion restaurant with an extensive wine selection. MIACulinaryTour_ElBolivar

MIACulinaryTour_ElBolivar_interiorWe were served a traditional Colombian beverage, refajo, which is made of Aguila (Colombian beer) and Colombiana (Colombian cream soda). It was deliciously refreshing, sweet and slightly alcoholic ;).

MIACulinaryTour_ElBolivar_refajoThen we had Patacones de pollo – deep fried green plaintains topped with shredded chicken and parmesan cheese and fried corn flour Empanadas filled with shredded beef and potatoes served with a spicy chimichurri style sauce. I absolutely LOVED the dip with the empanada, it was crispy and filled with meaty goodness. The patacones were completely new to me, and a welcomed discovery, the plantains were crunchy and were the perfect match to the juicy tender chicken. Soooo good!

Bolivar on Urbanspoon

Since we still had five more stops to go, we stopped for a Cuban coffee at David’s Cafe to give us some fuel for our journey.

MIACulinaryTour_DavidsCafeWe got the Colada which is served in a styrofoam cup and split between small shot-style cups to share. They were pre-sugared and as rich as coffee gets!
MIACulinaryTour_DavidsCafe_cubanosAlong with our Colada, we enjoyed a Pastelito de Guava. It was flaky and delicious and filled with sweet jellied guava. A perfect afternoon treat! MIACulinaryTour_DavidsCafe_pasteldeguavaMIACulinaryTour_DavidsCafe_pasteldeguava (2) David's Café on Urbanspoon

 Stay tuned for part 2 of our Miami Culinary Tour!