Wolf & Lamb – My First Kosher Experience!

Wolf&Lamb_menuA good friend of mine from work wanted to take me out for lunch on one of my last days at work. She abides by a strict kosher diet, so I was very excited for my very first kosher experience at Wolf & Lamb. The upscale deli is conveniently located in midtown, just a couple blocks from our office so it was perfect!

Wolf&Lamb_pickles While we were perusing the menu, our server brought us a cute little mason jar filled with kosher pickles – my favorite!

I started with the traditional Chicken Matzo Ball Soup, how could I not?! It was a lovely light chicken broth with a huge matzo ball in the middle. I will admit, I’m not a connoisseur of the kosher deli cuisine, the closest I’ve ever had was Too Jay’s in Palm Beach and I can’t vouch for it’s authenticity, but I thought the soup was delish!
Wolf&Lamb_matzoballsoup So obviously I had to have the Pastrami Sandwich (Romanian pastrami actually!) to go along with my authentic kosher deli experience :). It really was mouth watering, the pastrami was piled high on the warm rye bread, it was tender, a bit fatty (in a good way), and just perfect with the spicy brown deli mustard.
Wolf&Lamb_pastrami My friend got the All Natural Grass Fed Beef Burger with a side of sweet potato fries. I can’t vouch for how the burger tasted, but it sure looked good! As for the sweet potato fries, I definitely had a few of those, and they were sweet, crispy, and delicious!
Wolf&Lamb_burgerI was very pleased with my first kosher experience, and very thankful to my friend for introducing me to it. The two comments I will make is that I had no idea how expensive it was to keep kosher! Apparently, it’s a well known issue, but it was news to me. Also shortly after leaving the restaurant, I was so thirsty, and I kept drinking tons of water. Later one of my other colleagues who is Jewish but doesn’t keep kosher informed me that kosher food is notoriously very salty. The reason being is they use a lot of salt for preserving the food. Who knew?

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

Wolf & Lamb | www.wolfandlambsteakhouse.com/manhattan | 10 E. 48th Street

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