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Bareburger_exteriorI was so excited when they opened a new Bareburger in the Upper East Side just a couple blocks up from our apartment. The hubby and I had spent all day walking around the city catching up on touristy stuff, and decided to get some take out so we could relax at home. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s hard to make food look good when it’s in a take out container (made from recyclable material of course!), but I did my best!

I love how you can build your own burger, choosing your type of meat, bread, etc. I went for the beef on a brioche bun California style with sharp cheddar, haas avocado, watercress, tomatoes, raw red onions, and salsa verde. I probably should have been more adventurous and gone for the bison or ostrich burger! I also ordered a side of the Panko Breaded Butter Pickle Chips which were delish and came with buttermilk ranch and thai chili mayo dips.
Bareburger_friedpicklesThe burger was really quite delicious I must say, you can really taste the difference when quality ingredients are used. The brioche bun was warm and buttery and the burger was meaty and juicy and paired perfectly with the fresh veggies.
Bareburger_californiaP got the beef patty on a brioche bun Supreme style with colby jack, country bacon, chopped fries, onion rings, iceberg lettuce, and special sauce. He loved it and devoured it completely without offering me a bite!
Bareburger_supremeA close up of all that meaty delciousness…

Bareburger_biteAnd the fresh cut french fries of course which were served with a variety of dips including special sauce, curry ketchup, and habanero chipotle mayo.

Bareburger_friesI loved all the dips that came with the fried pickles and french fries, I tried a bit of each!


For takeout, this was really great food! I can’t imagine how good it must be when it’s fresh out of the kitchen. Definitely try out this new Bareburger on the upper east side!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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