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I absolutely loved the ambiance at Hakkasan, it was so modern and dark with dim lighting, it had such a cool feeling to it. It reminded me a lot of Buddakan which is one of my favorite places not just for the food but also the look of it. I wish I could have taken some pictures of the interior, but it was too dark and they didn’t come out well (check out the photo gallery online they’re probably better anyway!). Hakkasan was one of my top choices for NYC Restaurant Week, and I couldn’t wait to check it out!

Hakkasan_frieddimsumWe were quickly seated and our server went over the menus with us – they had great service by the way. It felt like there was always someone around when you needed it, but yet not in an obtrusive way. P and I both started with the Dim Sum, he got the steamed and I got the fried. We had scallop shumai, har gau, prawn and Chinese chive dumpling, and black pepper duck dumpling. For the fried dim sum, we tried roasted duck pumpkin puff, crispy prawn dumpling, and duck roll. I must say that the dim sum was our favorite part of the meal. It seemed like each one was better than the last!

Hakkasan_steameddimsumFor my entrèe, I chose the Wok-Fry Lamb Tenderloin in chili bean sauce and a side of egg fried rice. The lamb had that delicious smokey wok flavor and a hint of a spice. The only thing was that it did not taste very much like lamb to me… I don’t know if the potent Asian spices drowned our the lamb flavor, but to me it could have been beef or pork for all I knew.
Hakkasan_wokfriedlambThe egg fried rice was a nice accompaniment to the lamb, and was a lighter version of what I normally see at Chinese restaurants which are much more greasy and “fried”.Hakkasan_eggfriedriceP had the Stir-Fry Beef Tenderloin in Sha Cha sauce with ginger and Chinese celery. I had a tiny bite of his since he said he was starving, and I didn’t want to steal too much of his food! The beef was very tender and the sha cha sauce had a wonderful “umami” flavoring to it. It was rich and smokey with a hint of sweetness to it. P opted for the jasmine rice as his side.

Hakkasan_wokfriedbeefHakkasan_jasminericeFinally for dessert, we had the chef’s specials of the day. I had the peach one below and P got the chocolate mousse. Mine was so light and fluffy with a delicious peach flavor. P’s chocolate mousse was rich and decadent with a refreshing cherry sorbet on top. I loved the presentation, they looked more like art than dessert! Hakkasan_peachdessertHakkasan_chocolatemousse

We really enjoyed the restaurant week menu at Hakkasan, and I will definitely return to try their a la carte menu. Though their regular menu was definitely on the pricier side, from what we sampled, it seemed like it would really be worth it.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Hakkasan | | 311 W. 43rd Street

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