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Inoteca_interiorMy cousin just moved to the Lower East Side, literally just steps away from Inoteca and we decided to check it out  (Italian wine bar = no brainer) one night for our cousins’ night out. Though we were a group of girls, I could see Inoteca being a great romantic spot, the lights are dim and the atmosphere is very cozy.

Inoteca_bruschettaWe started out with the Bruschette which they have in multiple varieties. We went for the pesto, gorgonzola and fig, ricotta fresca and miele pepato, and alla toscana. I really enjoyed all of them, the gorgonzola and fig was probably my favorite because of the unique pairing – I loved the pungent cheese with the sweet fig.

Inoteca_truffleegg2Next we tried the Truffled Egg Toast. From the moment we walked in, I could smell the savory aroma of truffles, and when we found out what it was from, we had to order it. It was really out of this world delicious! I had no idea what to expect, and it wasn’t until we sliced into it and the egg yolk came oozing out that I realized the egg had been cooked inside the crusty warm bread. This is an absolute must have!

Inoteca_kalesaladMy cousins shared the Tuscan kale, roasted pears, walnuts, and ricotta salata salad which as you can see from the picture above, looked like a huge mound of cheese on top of some greens. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

Inoteca_orrechiettelambraguI went for the pasta of course – Orecchiette, heritage pork ragu, and grana padano. The sauce was rich and meaty, and the orecchiette were al dente, it was a very hearty dish that I enjoyed immensely. The only odd thing about it was the occasional stray green bean in the dish (edamame??), which seemed very out of place.

inoteca_spaghettiOne of the girls got the Spaghetti Pomodoro which was the Italian classic with a little bit of spice to it. I had a bite and thought it was very well done, light, fresh and delicious!

Inoteca_meatballsLastly, my cousins shared the Polpette – Italian meatballs, and they said they were very good, the sauce completed the dish well and wasn’t too salty.

Inoteca_nutellapaninoYou all know my weakness for Nutella, so when I saw Nutella Panino on the dessert menu, I convinced everyone to share one with me! It was pretty simple, just nutella on toasted bread, but that’s the way the Italians eat it, and it was the perfect ending to a great dinner.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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