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AllaSpina_interiorMy cousin, a long time Philly local, had recommended Alla Spina as soon as we decided on going there for the 4th of July celebrations. Alla Spina (which is Italian for “on tap”) is Marc Vetri’s version of an Italian gastropub serving a variety of seasonal craft beers as well as Italian favorites.

AllaSpina_beer We started off with some beers (they do have quite an extensive menu as you can see from the picture above) and salumi. P ordered the Cooked Calabrese Salami with pepper mostarda and served with rye beer bread. Alla Spina makes a lot of their sausages and salumi in house and you could definitely taste the difference. The salami was soft and super flavorful and coupled perfectly with the hearty beer bread.
AllaSpina_salami I went for the Beer Sausage with pickled pearl onions and fava beans, and absolutely loved the delicate presentation. It was so pretty and colorful, and the flavors really packed a punch. The beer sausage was so rich and meaty, I just wish I had more of that beer bread to eat it with!
AllaSpina_beersausage I had heard great things about the Housemade Pretzels with spicy beer cheese {are you getting the beer theme yet? ;) } They were awesome! The pretzel bites were warm and chewy and the beer cheese was spectacular!
AllaSpina_pretzelbites So I forgot to mention that our server had explained to us that most of the items on the menu are small plates which you can see from the pictures above, but they do have some larger ones as well. At the server’s recommendation, I got the Eggplant Rotolo with bufala mozzarella. It was like an eggplant rollatini with pasta inside, kind of a hybrid between a lasagna and an eggplant parmigiana. It was very good, but I’ve been spoiled lately by only the freshest bufala mozzarella from Fratelli La Bufala!
AllaSpina_eggplantP got the Potato Gnocchi with sweet corn and ricotta salata. He even offered me a bite this time, knowing how much I love pasta. The gnocchi were creamy, soft and ever so decadent.
AllaSpina_gnocchiAs I mentioned before about the small plates, P was still hungry after his gnocchi so we went for the homemade Choco Taco. They also had beer milkshakes which I was dying to try, but I was quite full at this point. I loved the choco taco, it was like a suped-up version of the old classic Good Humor one you had as a child.
AllaSpina_chocotacoAlla Spina is a great little gastropub, and if I lived in Philly I’m sure I’d find myself there quite often. The beer list is very extensive and the bar food is top notch!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Alla Spina | | 1410 Mt. Vernon Street, Philadelphia

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