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CaVa_ToddEnglishP and I ended up at Ça Va rather haphazardly for brunch on Father’s Day, my mom had sent us a check to go out for brunch on her which was oh so nice of her and very unexpected. We searched through Opentable to find something near P’s work in the Theater district at the last minute, and came across Ça Va at the Intercontinental Hotel.


The restaurant was large and modern with a bit of a brasserie feel to it, but not really. I found the atmosphere to be a little cold, but we did get there early so it was pretty empty. I ordered the quintessential Croque Madame – country ham, soft egg, Alpine cheese, toasted brioche, sauce mornay and pomme frites. I rarely dine at French restaurants, but when I do, this is a favorite of mine especially for brunch. CaVa_croquemonsieurI felt you needed a close up to take in all of that melty delicious mornay sauce smothering the sandwich. It really was excellent! This is a rather heavy dish, and yet I managed to eat it all! The mornay sauce was divine, creamy and decadent. The brioche was crispy and did not get soggy with all the sauce on top, the ham was smokey and the egg was perfectly cooked with the soft yolk spilling all over the warm bread.

CaVa_croquemonsieur2P went for the Breakfast Burger which was the other dish I had my eye on. It was served open faced with ground prime sirloin, hickory smoked bacon, avocado, and a soft egg on top. It was like a burger tower! It must have been pretty good because he did not even offer me a bite! Actually he did say it was very good, and ate every last bite of it. The only problem was that it was a little messy to eat and the tower began to crumble almost immediately, but P didn’t seem to mind. CaVa_breakfastburgerWe had a very pleasant experience at Ça Va, both of our dishes were very well prepared and delicious!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Ça Va | www.cavatoddenglish.com | 310 W 44th Street

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