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DonBogam_exteriorThe hubby and I were walking around midtown aimlessly trying to decide where to eat, when he had the bright idea to go to Korea Town for Korean barbecue. I had never had it before, and had it on my “To Eat” list, so it worked out perfectly! We stumbled upon Don’s Bogam, checked out the reviews on Urbanspoon, and it seemed legit so we went in.

DonBogam_interiorThe dining area looked very traditional to me with the communal tables and sunken seats. The only problem was the seats were so hard to get into (especially in a skirt and heels!), but it added to the whole experience I guess. I could only laugh as I knelt on the floor and tried as gracefully as possible to not flash the rest of our table as I crawled into my seat. As we perused the menu, I will admit I was totally out of my element. This was all completely new to me, and I had no idea what to order or what it would look like when it came. P got the Beef Brisket and I got the Bulgogi – marinated beef with vegetables in Chef’s special broth.

DonBogam_saladAs small dishes were brought to our table without any sort of explanation, we bravely started to taste test. {Well I did most of the taste testing as P awaited my reaction!} Eventually I asked our server what the heck was this stuff? He didn’t give me much of an explanation, just that they were traditional Korean sides that should be eaten with the meat. I am proud to say I tried everything, and though I had no idea what I was eating, it was all pretty tasty.

DonBogam_sidesThen P’s brisket came, and it was really just that – thin slices of beef brisket that were cooked in front of us. I again asked the server how we should eat the meat, and he said we could wrap it in the lettuce leaves or just eat it with the sides.

DonBogam_brisketI tried to make a Korean style lettuce wrap, and it came out quite good! The brisket was very flavorful and tender, and I loved that it was cooked right in front of me.

DonBogam_brisketlettucewrapNext came my Bulgogi, and it was a huge portion of noodles, beef, and exotic vegetables also cooked right on the bbq. I loved the bulgogi, the meat was tender and had a very flavorful broth that was both sweet and savory. And the best part was that I got left overs!

DonBogam_bulgogiI thoroughly enjoyed my first Korean BBQ experience, and I will definitely have to go again to try another one to properly evaluate!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ 1/2

Don’s Bogam | | 17 East 32nd Street

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