Katz Deli – A NYC Classic

KatzDeli_exteriorKatz’s Deli is truly a New York City classic, and I don’t know how I managed to avoid it for so long. I really wasn’t trying to, and I honestly find myself in the lower east side quite often and yet after a year of living here, I still hadn’t been in. Finally, after leaving the Day Life Festival the other day, I figured it was now or never!

KatzDeli_counterCoincidentally it was also Katz’s 125th anniversary, and they celebrated with a pastrami eating contest at the Day Life Festival. It was quite a sight! I actually picked a great day to go to see all of the fun anniversary activities, and of course feast on the traditional pastrami sandwich.

KatzDeli_interiorThe famous scene from When Harry Met Sally took place right here… 🙂

KatzDeli_signAs I mentioned, I had already had quite a few tasty treats at the festival going on outside, so I just got the pastrami sandwich and decided to be a good wife and bring home half to my husband. This is his half pictured below, as I got too excited and ate all of mine before taking the picture (as usual!). It was amazing just as expected. The pastrami was piled on thick and super tender, it melted in your mouth and coupled so well with the hearty rye bread and spicy deli mustard. If I hadn’t been so full already, I would have totally eaten the whole thing!

KatzDeli_pastramisandwichI loved Katz’s Deli (though it was more expensive than I had envisioned), and I will definitely have to come back to try more of their deli favorites!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Katz’s Deli | www.katzsdelicatessen.com | 205 E. Houston Street

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