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SwallowEast_logoMy boss had recommended Swallow East to me when she heard we were going to Montauk because it was her daughter’s best friend’s restaurant, and though she hadn’t been, she had heard great things about it. I decided I had to check out this new restaurant!

SwallowEast_exteriorIt’s a great location, right on the water and you get a lovely view of all the boats. It was so picturesque and really reminded me of a typical fishing village.

SwallowEast_boatsThe server explained that it was tapas style and recommended ordering two or three plates per person. So we had to start out with the Oysters on the Half Shell, I figured this was the place for some fresh seafood, and I was not wrong. The oysters were so fresh, soft and huge! In addition to the traditional accompaniments, I really liked this soy-citrus sauce which paired perfectly with the briney oysters.

SwallowEast_oystersI planned on taking full advantage of the seaside specialties during my getaway so next I had the Montauk Clam Chowder with local clams, bacon, potato, corn, tomato, and cream. Soup in the summer? Well you see, it’s actually pretty chilly at night in Montauk, and after laying out in the sun all day, when that temperature drops in the evening a piping hot soup really hits the spot!

SwallowEast_MontaukChowderI wasn’t the only one that craved a warm soup as one of my friends got the same, and my cousin got the Butternut Squash Cappucino Soup with truffle froth. I tried a bit of her soup and loved the creamy squash and the truffle flavors really shone through.

SwallowEast_ButternutSquashSoupOne of the girls got the Yellow Fin Tuna BLT – rare tuna, bacon, lettuce, heirloom tomato, and wasabi aioli. What a great spin on a classic favorite!

SwallowEast_BLTP got the Lobster Roll which I stole a bite of, and I must say it was definitely better than Cyril’s – dammit! The lobster seemed fresher and the toasted bun was filled with large chunks of lobster in a light lemon mayo.

SwallowEast_lobsterRollNext was the Grilled Local Striped Bass that my friend ordered, it came with salsa verde and a couscous green grape salad. She really loved this dish, and offered me a bite. It was perfectly grilled, moist, and I loved the kick from the salsa verde.

SwallowEast_bassAs the plates continued coming out, we were all really surprised at how big they were. These were not the small plates that we had envisioned, which isn’t a bad thing because everything was so delicious! Next, I got the Corona Beer Steamed Little Neck Clams with bacon, scallion, and lime. Wow were these flavorful and so juicy! It came with a thick crusty bread which was perfect for dipping in the savory Corona spiked juice. The clams were big and yet very tender, and paired so well with the salty bacon. Loved this dish!

SwallowEast_clamsMy cousin ordered the Shrimp & Grits with pan roasted jumbo shrimp, chorizo, grape tomato, and stone ground grits. I had a bite of this one too, and this was not your typical bland shrimp and grits. The flavors and colors were so vibrant, and the shrimp were large and bursting with flavors from the sea.

SwallowEast_shrimp&gritsP is not a huge seafood fan so for his second plate, he got the Grilled Marinated Wagyu Skirt Steak with roast corn cilantro salsa and garlic confit aioli. As is often the case, P did not offer me a bite, but it was gone within seconds so I assume he liked it!

SwallowEast_SkirtSteakOne of my friends got the Slow Braised Short Rib “Ravioli” at the suggestion of our server. It was like a deconstructed ravioli filled with short ribs, ricotta cheese, caramelized red onion, and raisin pine nut compote. She loved it!

SwallowEast_shortribravioliP was still a little hungry (he was the only one), so he actually agreed to sharing a dessert with me which is highly irregular for him. So to top it all off, P and I shared the Nutella Bread Pudding with marshmallow, fresh whipped cream, and Nutella hot fudge. I’m not a big bread pudding fan, but I love all things Nutella so it sucked me in!  I must admit I was a little surprised with this one, I couldn’t really taste the Nutella and the bread pudding itself was pretty bland. It was a disappointing ending to an otherwise excellent meal.

SwallowEast_NutellaBreadPuddingI greatly recommend Swallow East if you find yourself in Montauk (or even to make a special trip!). The food was delicious and fresh, and the view of the docks is lovely and very peaceful. What a great find!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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