Day Life Festival – Lower East Side Fun

DayLifeFest_signI heard about the Day Life Festival from this new great app called Sösh which features all the fun activities going on in New York City. I gathered a couple of girlfriends, and we headed down to the lower east side to check it out. There were a variety of food vendors, outdoor shops, and live music. One of the main events was the pastrami eating contest to celebrate Katz’s Deli’s 125th anniversary, but I got there just after it had ended. I’m sure that must have been a sight! My personal favorite was DJ Kai Song an eight year old dj who was fantastic and had the whole crowd fist pumping with some awesome music!

DayLifeFest_octopusballsWe started off at Mimi and Coco’s Japanese street food station, they were serving Takoyaki and Teriyaki Balls. What is that, you ask? Please see the picture below for a description…

DayLifeFest_menuWe decided to go for the Octopus Balls because we were feeling adventurous. It reminded me of a corn fritter filled with small cuts of chewy octopus and covered in sweet and tangy Asian sauces. It was a very interesting combination of flavors and textures, including the salty bonito flakes on top. I’m glad we tried it, but I don’t know that I would order it again.

DayLifeFest_takoyakiThe finished product –

DayLifeFest_octopusballs2Next we went to a “safe bet”, The Meatball Shop and got the spicy pork meatballs over polenta. It was soooo good! The meatballs were soft, tender and juicy with just a little bit of spice, and the polenta was creamy and melded so well with the tangy tomato sauce. Loved it!


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Our last stop was the Melt Bakery and it was the perfect weather for these frozen treats! They all looked so delicious, I couldn’t decide which one to get – they had sinfully delicious flavors like snickerdoodle with cinnamon ice cream, chocolate chip walnut with vanilla ice cream, and the one I went for – red velvet meltcake with cream cheese ice cream! DayLifeFest_icecreamsandwichIt was out of this world divine! The cookie was cold and refreshing but not frozen so you didn’t break a tooth trying to eat it, and the red velvet flavors shone through. Melt Bakery is an absolute must go, next time you find yourself in the lower east side.


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Overall Festival Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

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