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Another one of my great Groupon deals – I couldn’t resist when I saw David Burke Kitchen on Groupon, it’s rare to find a celeb chef’s restaurant at such an incredible deal: $39 for lunch or brunch for two?! Sold!

DavidBurkeKitchen_entranceThe hubby and I decided to go on a Sunday afternoon for brunch and as we made our way down to Soho, I realized why they might be running this Groupon special, the restaurant is really quite far! We took the subway, and there just wasn’t really any station that was less than a 10 minute walk. We didn’t mind, but I wondered if maybe that was discouraging customers…

DavidBurkeKitchen_pigAnyway, I thought the decor of the restaurant (both outside and inside) was very unique. David Burke really brought the farm to table feel in this casual eatery including a life size pig statue that greets you at the entrance :).

DavidBurkeKitchen_interiorOk on to the food, our Groupon deal offered a prix-fixe menu with your choice of appetizer, entrèe and dessert (again, at $39 this is a steal!). Both P and I opted for the Yogurt Parfait – kitchen granola, greek yogurt, and honey comb. It was a nice light starter with fresh fruit, creamy yogurt and a nice crunchy granola. Sure it wasn’t anything super fancy, but it was a nice start.


For my entrèe, I got the Stuffed French Toast with mascarpone and strawberry consumè and I was in love! This was easily the best french toast I’ve ever had. The mascarpone gave it such a creamy texture and the edges were perfectly cooked to be slightly crispier on the outside. So good!!

DavidBurkeKitchen_frenchtoastP got the Kitchen Eggs Benedict which came on crispy Italian sausage polenta (instead of the traditional english muffin), with garlicky spinach and tomato hollandaise. P let me try the polenta, and I found it to be a very interesting take on the classic Benedict. I really like polenta, and had never had it in this form before and found it to be a great pairing with the poached egg. P didn’t love it, and said it was just ok.

DavidBurkeKitchen_eggsbenedictBy the time the dessert arrived, I felt like I had already had two courses of desserts and was moving onto my third! Perhaps I should have picked at least one savory option – oh well…. The chocolate cake was good, but nothing mind-blowing, we should have gotten the famous David Burke Cheesecake Lollipop Tree and paid the up-charge – maybe next time.

DavidBurkeKitchen_chocolatecakeP really enjoyed his sorbet with fresh fruit. He said it was light and refreshing, but again nothing too special here.

DavidBurkeKitchen_fruitsorbetThis was definitely a great Groupon deal, and it was a nice taste of David Burke Kitchen at such a reasonable price. I find it hard to judge restaurants based on these special deals because I feel that often you don’t get a true taste of the cuisine. One thing’s for sure though, if you do find yourself here for brunch, you should definitely get the Stuffed French Toast!


Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ 1/2

David Burke Kitchen | www.davidburkekitchen.com | 23 Grand Street

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