A Trip to the Brooklyn Brewery


Look at that super excited face as we get ready to enter the famous Brooklyn Brewery! What girls’ weekend would be complete without a visit to the local brewery? I’ll tell you, these girls are troopers, after a two hour bottomless brunch they were more than ready for some beer tasting!

BrooklynBrewery_interiorWe attended a quick tour of the brewery and listened (not so carefully) as they told us how their different varieties of beer are created. It was a less of a tour and more of a “stand in place while someone tells you some interesting facts about beer brewing”.


They passed around some grains for us to check out – this is the one that makes the light beers…

BrooklynBrewery_lightgrainThis is the grain used for the dark beers…

And here are the hops… I’m sure there was more to the story than that, but like I said before we had just been to brunch for two hours and were having trouble focusing 😉

BrooklynBrewery_hopsIt was getting pretty hot back there, so we skipped out on the rest of the tour and decided to get an early start on the ginormous beer line that was forming. There were actually two lines – one was to buy tickets for beer, and the other was to actually get the beer. Most beers are around $5 each so it’s a great deal, which is why the place was packed! We had to linger around one of the picnic tables until enough seats became available for all of us to sit down.

BrooklynBrewery_menuFinally after all the waiting, we got a table and we got to taste the finished product. I got the Summer Ale and the Weisse as I generally enjoy a lighter tasting beer. The girls tried a variety of their beers including the Sorachi Ace, Hotter, and 25th Anniversary Lager.

BrooklynBrewery_beerIt was a great time at Brooklyn Brewery with the girls, and if I lived closer I would definitely come here more often. It’s a perfect place to come kick back and relax on a weekend afternoon!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Brooklyn Brewery | www.brooklynbrewery.com | 79 North 11th Street, Brooklyn

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