Italy – Gelato & More in City Place

Italy_exteriorWhen I used to live at City Place in Florida, Italy was hands down my go to place for authentic Italian gelato and panini. When it first opened, it used to be called Mamma Che Buono which loosely translated means “Oh man is that good”, but I guess the name was too hard for people to pronounce so they changed the name to Italy – Fast Quality Food, which I think is just horrendous… But the food is still good so I had to go on my last trip to Florida.

Italy_gelatocase2Though when it originally opened, it only served gelato and desserts, it has become so popular that they started expanding their offering and began making panini and now even pasta. All of the ingredients are from Italy, and therefore delicious! Their gelato features all the traditional Italian flavors like Nutella, Hazelnut, Stracciatella, along with the American favorites.
Italy_dessertsTry not to drool… They also have amazing desserts!

Italy_gelatoI ended up getting the Chocolate Hazelnut and the Ferrero Rocher. They were creamy, sweet and scrumptious!

Definitely check out this fun casual Italian eatery if you are ever in City Place!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ 1/2

Italy Fast Quality Food | 700 S. Rosemary Avenue #200

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