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Boka_menuAfter freezing our butts off at the Tribeca Film Festival drive-in movie, the girls and I were looking for some hearty food to warm us up. We headed to St. Marks in the East Village in search of some grub, I was really looking for a Ramen joint, but everywhere was packed! We stumbled upon Boka, which honestly we never even saw the name of until we sat down at the table and saw the menus. It was quite confusing actually because some of the menus said Boka and others said Bonchon Chicken as you can see above. I’m still not really sure what the relation is, but apparently they serve Bonchon chicken along with their Korean specialties.

One of the first things we saw while we waited for our table was a group of girls with a large watermelon type drink – I had no idea what it was, but I wanted one! When we were seated, we asked our server about it, and he explained it was a watermelon filled with Shochu (Japanese liquor). It was so refreshing, and filled with sweet watermelon – loved it!

Boka_watermelonshochu2I had never had the Bonchon chicken before, but had heard great things about it so we ordered the combo which came with wings and drumsticks, and we chose half hot sauce and half soy garlic. The chicken was amazing! It was crispy and juicy and super tender, and I loved the sauces which were just bursting with flavor. I really enjoy all things spicy so the sauce was perfect for me, I only had one of the soy garlic, and it was after having the hot so it was hard to fully appreciate the flavors.

Boka_chickenAs I said before, I was really craving ramen because I was so cold so I decided to order a soup anyway – Jjam Bbong Soup which was a spicy seafood soup for two with udon noodles. I am not very familiar with Korean cuisine so this was something completely new to me. It had a rich piquant tomato broth and was filled with calamari, mussels, fish, just a bit of noodles and garnished with fresh spinach. It was very good, it just wasn’t exactly what I was craving at the time, I wish I had gotten the more traditional Bi Bim Bob.

Boka_JjiamBbongMy other friend got the Korean pancake – VegeFeasta which was filled with vegetables as the name suggests. I had a bite, and thought it was good, the pancake was light and airy and the veggies were crispy, but not too flavorful. Strangely, my friend got very sick later that night, but we really don’t know what was the cause of it.

Boka_VegeFeastaPancakeBoka was a cute late night spot, and the Bonchon chicken is a must have! Would I go out of my way to come here again? Probably not… except maybe for that watermelon shochu!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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