Burgerfi – New Shake Shack Competition?!

Burgerfi_exteriorI had almost forgotten how much I love New York City in the spring and summer, when we finally got some 70 degree weather the other night. There were myriads of people out on the streets eating, drinking and enjoying the beautiful weather. We were among the lucky ones seeking the great outdoors after months of being cooped up in our tiny apartments hiding from the snow and frigid temperatures…ok I’ll stop with the melodramatics. Back to the story – we got a coupon in the mail for a free bottle of wine from Burgerfi, so we felt compelled to check it out. It was a new burger joint that opened up literally two blocks from our apartment in the upper east side. I had never heard of them so I looked them up and discovered they are one of the fastest growing burger chains, and they are from South Florida! I definitely had to go now to support my fellow Floridians. And as an added benefit, their meat is all natural and comes from grass-fed cows, that’s pretty impressive for a quasi-fast food place.

Burgerfi_interiorSo the deal was that you pay for two glasses of wine, and you get the rest of the bottle for free  – wine with burgers and hot dogs? Yah I thought it was kind of weird too… But heck, why not?!

Burgerfi_winebottleSo we sat outside and enjoyed the weather while sipping our Robert Mondavi Cab, and anxiously awaited for our buzzer to go off. FYI, the bottle sells for $20 and really wasn’t half bad. They also feature a variety of local beers which would probably have been my preferred choice to accompany the burger had the wine not been free.

Burgerfi_trayBefore long, the buzzer went off and my husband returned with a big tray of greasy deliciousness! I wanted to share a side of regular fries, but P insisted on getting his own which then forced me to get my own, and the portions were huge!

Burgerfi_cheeseburger2I got the Burgerfi Cheeseburger (I love how the logo is branded on the bun by the way) which is a double natural angus burger with double American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and the Burgerfi special sauce – it was gigantic! By the way, this is their standard burger, I’m assuming you could ask to make it a single but it’s not on the menu. The cheeseburger was savory and super rich smothered in gooey cheese and their luscious special sauce. I also really appreciated the bun to meat ratio which often I find a tiny slab of meat with a huge dry bun, but that was not the case here. P loved his burger, and said he thought it was better than Shake Shack. I will admit I thought the burger was fantastic and very reasonably priced – it was just under $7 – but I haven’t had Shake Shack in so long that I can’t really make a fair comparison. I will have to revisit Shake Shack to do a true assessment, and get back to you on the results soon!

Burgerfi_friesSince P wouldn’t share his fries with me, I had to get my own and I decided to try one of their toppings – the parmesan and herbs. Their fries are hand cut, and you can definitely tell they did not come frozen out of a bag. They are crispy on the outside and warm and mealy on the inside, and were absolute heaven topped with the salty parmesan and aromatic herbs. You can even request how you like your fries, either “well done” or “limp”! Also, here’s a tip – make sure you check out the menu because there is a “Secret Menu” not listed up on the board and you’ll see some super secret treats like the 1/2 & 1/2 Burger, the Hippie Veggie, and Urban Fries.

Burgerfi_redvelvetconcreteAfter scarfing down the entire cheeseburger and about half of the fries, I was stuffed! But that didn’t stop me from getting dessert :). I had heard about their frozen custards and concretes, and after seeing pictures and reading their descriptions online I just HAD to try one. I chose the Red Velvet Concrete because I had never heard of a “concrete” and for my self edification decided it was absolutely necessary! The concrete consisted of a layer of frozen vanilla custard, topped with a layer of red velvet cake, another layer of custard, and so on, all the way to the top. This heavenly concoction was sinfully decadent, but absolutely worth it! Speaking of sinful, there is also the O.M.C. (Oh My Chocolate) Concrete which I wanted so badly, but was 1440 calories! So I decided to save that for a day when I didn’t just eat a double cheeseburger and fries… I will definitely be back!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Burgerfi | www.burgerfi.com | 1571 2nd Avenue

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