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It was a random Thursday night, and I came home to no running water in my apartment  – really?! So my husband and I were forced to go out for dinner since there was nothing much we could do at home, and I really needed to use the powder room 😉 So we went around the corner to The Pitch & Fork. I had frequently passed by it on my walks to and from work, and it seemed really cute and always pretty full.


We walked in, and I immediately loved the feel of it. It was warm and inviting, lit with candles and had a very quaint “farmhouse meets antique store” ambience. In perusing the menu, I found that a lot of the items were seasonal and locally sourced, which I love. Again I was dieting, so it was pretty hard to find an option on the menu that had no carbs and no dairy. They did have a Pinot Noir (Central Coast 2010) which my husband and I both happily chose {the one perk of the slow carb diet!}. And I was really pleased to see that my glass came accompanied by a small decanter with more wine, which was periodically re-filled throughout the evening.

My husband was pressuring me to order because he was starving so I hastily decided on the Spicy Roasted Shrimp with organic purple basil, roasted tomato, potato, and lemon butter, and asked the server if she could substitute the potato with any other veggie. She said they usually don’t do substitutions, but that she could do it for me and put in some mixed greens. Perfect I thought! Speedy got the Organic Chicken Cooked Under a Brick with hot mustard, potato, caramelized shallots, and bacon.


My dish looked lovely, but I noticed right away that there was some cream in it which was not mentioned on the menu, and of course my shrimp sat on a bed of mashed potatoes. I hate sending things back, so I just ate the shrimp and miscellaneous vegetables on top of the mashed potatoes. At one point the server came by and did apologize for the mistake. The shrimp were good (but nothing great), and I did like the roasted tomatoes and spinach, they were very flavorful. The sauce was creamy and spicy without being overwhelming, and overall was a good dish, perhaps if I could have eaten the mashed potatoes I would have enjoyed it more.


I was intrigued by this chicken cooked under a brick, but I was underwhelmed when I had a bite. (I was literally only allowed a tiny bite as my husband was ravenous, and couldn’t eat his potatoes either!). Yes the chicken was tender, and it tasted fine, it was just kind of blah.

In summary, my dining experience at The Pitch & Fork was average at best, however, I will consider the fact that I was somewhat prohibited by my dietary restrictions. With that said, I will have to return to give it a fair shot and try a couple more items – it is around the corner after all!

Review: ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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