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InsomniaCookies_outsideI stumbled upon Insomnia Cookies on one of my cheat days (this location happens to be just around the block from my apartment – lucky me!) while I was on the Slow Carb diet.  The jist of the diet is that after 6 days of eating solely protein and vegetables, you can binge and eat anything you want on the 7th day. This leads to all kinds of ridiculousness, which in my case meant stuffing myself with pasta, chocolate, cookies, sushi, beer, etc. (even if I wasn’t even hungry anymore) just because I could, and I wasn’t going to be able to eat any carbs for another 6 days. Anyway, eating these cookies was one of the few things I did not end up regretting the day after…

InsomniaCookies_displayFirst of all I must stress the amazingly delicious smell that overwhelms your senses as you walk in the door. It is absolutely indescribable! For me there is nothing like the smell of fresh baked cookies right out of the oven, and they’ve managed to achieve that fantastic smell consistently all day and night!

My first time here I had the Peanut Butter Chip, and it was sooo good! It was hot and fresh right out of the oven and the combination of the sweet dough and the salty peanut butter just made my mouth water. I was soo happy 🙂

InsomniaCookies_cookieThis time I opted for my favorite – the classic chocolate chip, and oh man was it AMAZING! It was ooey and gooey and chocolatey and warm and I could just go on and on… By the way, they also sell milk (whole, low fat and chocolate) which would have been perfect to dunk in.

InsomniaCookies_cookiebiteSo I had to try one more thing since I was here, and I was on a chocolate craze so I opted for the Chocolate Brownie. It was between that and the S’Mores Deluxe Cookie which also sounded delicious, but I decided on the brownie because I could take it home and put some ice cream on it! 🙂

InsomniaCookies_brownieOk so it isn’t as pretty as the cookie was, but the taste definitely made up for it. It was filled with chunks of chocolate, it was rich, decadent, and super moist. I am very proud of myself for only eating half of it (with some Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream on top)…

I almost forgot to tell you the best part about Insomnia Cookies – they deliver! And they deliver until 3am! So the next time you get a sweet craving in the middle of the night, they’ve got you covered. And for me, those 240 calories per cookie is totally worth starving myself for the rest of the day! 😉

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Insomnia Cookie | | 1579 2nd Avenue

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