Nice Matin – Easter Brunch

NiceMatin_interiorIt was our first Easter in the city that we weren’t spending with family so I thought what could be better than spending it with good friends? My friend (and old co-worker) and her boyfriend suggested Nice Matin in the upper west side for an early Easter brunch since P had to go to work in the afternoon. There are no holidays in the hospitality industry! 🙁 P and I got to Nice Matin just before noon, and were fully expecting at least an hour wait since they do not take reservations. We were pleasantly surprised when they said we would be seated in just a few minutes. Perfect! I loved the ambiance, it was very happy and lively and reminded me of a Parisian brasserie. It also had very unique light fixtures that my husband and I admired while we waited at the bar. We had just settled in for the wait when we were escorted to our table, even though we told them the rest of our party wasn’t here yet. Very impressive – I have never been to a restaurant in the city where they actually let you sit down before everyone gets there!

NiceMatin_pastriesIt was so nice to wait in the comfort of our own table so we decided to get the Brunch Basket to nibble on. We got a freshly baked croissant, pain au chocolat, and lemon poppy seed scone with fruit preserves. I loved the pain au chocolat, {I’m easily won over by chocolate!} and the croissant and scone were good, but not too extraordinary.


Finally our friends came, and we were ready to order! They had some fun brunch cocktails including a spin on the traditional mimosa with mango juice which is what I had, an espresso martini which was chocolatey and delicious and the bellini which my friends had and thoroughly enjoyed.

For our entrèes, I chose the Poached Eggs Provençal which came in a puff pastry filled with ratatouille in a tomato cream sauce. {I’m trying to expand my brunch palate :)} I chose this dish as it was something I had never tried before, and I really enjoyed it. The poached eggs were cooked perfectly, and when you cut into them the yolk spilled all over the puff pastry and ratatouille and made a deliciously rich sauce. The pastry was crispy and light, and the ratatouille was sweet and tender and paired really well with the eggs which to me was an unlikely combination. The breakfast potatoes were good, but overall unremarkable. Also the side of greens was very visually pleasing, but it came without dressing, and so I took a rather flavorless bite and left the rest.

NiceMatin_poachedeggsProvencalMy friend got the Orange-Buttermilk French Toast with maple baked bananas and creme fraiche. I was so glad she chose this because I had been eyeing it myself, and got to try some too. It had a very fragrant orange essence, and was very sweet and filling, so it’s probably a good thing I didn’t get it! She really liked it, and said she would definitely recommend it.


The men got the Steak Frites with eggs – no surprise there! It looked great, but my husband did not even offer me a bite! Although I did steal some frites and those were warm and crispy and sprinkled with some tasty herbs. Both of the boys said their steak and eggs were great, and they would definitely come back for more.


We spent a lovely Easter at Nice Matin, and I would definitely go back again. The staff was so accommodating, they had great brunch food, and I really liked the overall vibe of the restaurant.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ 1/2

Nice Matin | | 201 W. 79th Street

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