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I was on one of my many walks back from Bed Bath and Beyond when we first moved into our apartment in the upper east side, when I stumbled across Numero 28 Pizzeria. I ran across the street just to get a closer look, and I was thrilled to see the brick oven and the description “authentic Neapolitan pizza” in the window. Could this be? Had I really found the authentic Italian pizza I had been searching for in my hood?! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to find out right at that moment but I catalogued it in my brain as a “must go” restaurant.

Have I mentioned I have a horrible memory? Oh right, I don’t really remember! 🙂 So months went by, and finally last night while P was contemplating what to order for his cheat day, I had a flash and it came to me like a beautiful dream – order from Numero 28 Pizzeria! Now, I am still dieting, but I figured I could have just a little taste, besides Italian pizza is way lighter and healthier than regular old pizza, right?!

P ordered the San Daniele pizza which had prosciutto San Daniele, mozzarella, and arugula – this is probably my favorite pizza in the world by the way. He ordered the 18″ which was their medium size, and it was $25. This is definitely pricey, but it was sooo worth it!


When it arrived, it was still nice and hot, and had that fresh out of the oven smell. Omg, I was so excited! I will say I was surprised by the long irregular shape, it is not super common in Italy, and I hadn’t seen it presented this way in awhile. Not that I minded the shape at all, it just cut down a bit on the amount of pizza we were going to get to enjoy!


I took my first taste, and it was love at first bite! The crust was perfectly cooked, chewy on the inside with crispy little bubbles that were charred by the brick oven giving it that distinct smokey flavor which can simply not be achieved by any ordinary oven. The bright green arugula was fresh and fragrant and you could tell it had been thrown on top right at the end so it didn’t get “mooshad” (Italian term for wilted and mushy). The same with the prosciutto, it had not been over heated in the oven, which is what makes it salty and over cooked. Prosciutto should not come out looking like bacon when it’s on a pizza! Both the arugula and prosciutto were perfect in my humble pizza loving opinion. The tomato sauce and mozzarella were in perfect balance with the thin crust, and did not make for a soggy pizza which frequently happens with a thinner crust. Again A+ for all of the ingredients Numero 28!

I totally could have eaten the entire pizza, but I left that up to my husband who happily did. Next time I would love to try Numero 28 Pizzeria at the actual pizzeria, because if the pizza was this good for delivery, it must be amazing right out of the oven.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 1/2

Numero 28 Pizzeria | | 1431 1st Avenue

P.S. Don’t be confused if you don’t see the Upper East Side location on the website, it seems like it hasn’t been updated, but I promise it’s there!

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