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I must admit that I’ve been a little bit skeptical about Groupon ever since our International Food Tour fiasco a couple months ago, but when I saw this offer at Chelsea Grill I just couldn’t pass it up. It was $19 for two entrées and four drinks (choice of bloody mary’s or mimosas)! That is an unheard of deal for brunch anywhere, let alone in NYC! I looked up some reviews of Chelsea Grill before committing, and while they weren’t extraordinary, they were above average and for $9.50 a person, how could you really go wrong?

Our one mistake was miscalculating how popular this restaurant was going to be on a Sunday afternoon. I should have known since Chelsea Grill is located in Hell’s Kitchen on 9th Avenue right by restaurant row – ah well… When we arrived without reservations, we were told that there was no availability, but I spotted two seats at the bar and then the hostess suddenly remembered we could sit there and actually eat. Perfect! As I looked around at my fellow diners, it appeared that everyone around us had also taken advantage of this great Groupon deal as countless people pulled out their white and green vouchers and gave it to our super nice bar tender/waitress.

ChelseaGrill_bloodymaryWe both started with the Bloody Mary’s although my hubby’s was a “virgin” because he had to go straight to work after brunch 🙁 I really expected the drink to be light on alcohol since it was practically free, but to my surprise I started to feel a little tipsy after my first one!

The brunch menu was great with tons of options from sweet to savory from pancakes and waffles to eggs with salmon, salads, and specialty burgers. I really wanted to enjoy breakfast since I don’t often eat out for this meal, and decided on the Huevos Rancheros – 3 eggs over easy with refried beans, salsa and two corn tortillas (and a side of homestyle potatoes). P (it’s too long to write “my husband” every time) got the Steak and Eggs which was one out of the two items on the menu that were not included in the Groupon deal, but we figured we could swing the additional $2.25 for it! His came with homestyle potatoes too, but he asked to substitute it with a salad since he’s still doing the no carb diet, and our bar tender gladly obliged.

ChelseaGrill_huevosrancherosThey were clearly very busy, and it took awhile for us to get our entrées, but we were in no particular hurry and the atmosphere was very fun and lively, and I was enjoying my bloody mary. When my huevos rancheros arrived, I hungrily dug right in! I will say that the presentation wasn’t the prettiest, but they tasted pretty great. The tomatillo salsa was rich and dark in color and didn’t really stand out like it would have had it been a bright red tomato variety, but the flavors were good and slightly spicy. The eggs were cooked well, and the yolk was just runny enough to cover my beans and tortillas in gooey yumminess. The homestyle potatoes were a little over cooked and had gotten a bit dry, they probably would have been better had they been served next to the eggs.

ChelseaGrill_Steak&EggsP was very pleased with his steak and eggs, so much so that he didn’t even offer me a bite! He said the steak was definitely not “steakhouse” quality steak, but that it was pretty good for the price and certainly tender enough to enjoy (and perfect for his no carb, high protein diet).

When we asked for the bill, we got to see what the total would have been without the Groupon – $64, so the $19 we paid was an amazing deal. I was very pleased with our totally affordable brunch at Chelsea Grill, and if I ever saw another Groupon for it, I would definitely get it again. Would I go again if I didn’t have a deal on it? If I found myself in the area, yah sure why not. I also noticed that they have $4 happy hour specials til 7pm so that may be enough to lure me here again by itself!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

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