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For the last restaurant in my NYC Restaurant Week tour, we chose Nobu Next Door. I really wanted to go to Nobu, but they only had the restaurant week menu for lunch which was not going to work for me since my office is in midtown and Nobu is all the way down in Tribeca. Let me give you a quick background on my prior experiences at Nobu… The first one I ever went to was in Milano, Italy which was located in the Armani building off of Via Montenapoleone (the Rodeo Drive of Milano’s fashion elite). I was doing a semester abroad at the time, and as a college student we knew all the best spots for “aperitivo” or happy hour. Nobu offered a drink for 10 euro on Tuesday nights and complimentary bites to nibble on like sushi, edamame, yakitori, etc. As you can imagine, this was a big hit and was always packed. Many of the financially strapped college kids (myself included) tried to make dinner out of it, and most of the time succeeded. So my first impression of the restaurant was pretty great. More recently, I went to Nobu in Miami and actually enjoyed a full dinner with my family who was in town from Peru. While the food was very good, I remember that we all left feeling pretty hungry. We kept ordering more and more food, but the plates were just very small and not satisfying (and quite expensive).  I had this thought in the back of my mind, as we sat at the table looking over the restaurant week menu, and I couldn’t help but think I was going to be hungry after this meal.


I chose the Salmon Sashimi with Jalapeño to start, and when it arrived at the table, I knew that my bad feeling was going to be right. It was tiny! The picture above makes it look huge, but the plate was the size of the plate you’d find under a tea cup, and each slice of salmon was no larger than my thumb. Once I had my first bite, I really wished there had been more. The salmon practically melted in my mouth, and I loved the kick from the jalapeño coupled with a little citrus punch from the lemon juice. Two bites later and I was done! My husband chose not to do the restaurant week menu this time, and ordered Lobster Ceviche for his appetizer. Unfortunately, we had a camera malfunction and the picture he took didn’t save properly. I am glad that he didn’t get the restaurant week menu because at least this way I knew it wasn’t just the options on that menu that were small. His lobster ceviche was two little bites of lobster on their own lettuce, that the server told him to eat like a lettuce wrap. I didn’t even get to try his because there was so little to begin with, but he said it was very good. This is definitely not the place to go to if you like to share.

NobuSushiFor my entree, I got the Assorted Sushi, and it was pretty much what I expected. I was served a tuna roll and a variety of tuna, salmon, spanish mackerel, scallop, shrimp etc.  There is no doubt that their sushi is extremely fresh and high quality, but it just wasn’t anything extraordinary. My husband got the Kushiyaki which were two skewers of chicken and  two of beef with an anti-cucho sauce which is a typical Peruvian dish. Again, I didn’t try it because I thought he might bite my hand off if I tried to take away any of his food 🙂

NobuAnticuchoFinally for dessert, I got the Dulce De Leche Flan which came in a small tea cup about half way full. It was really delicious, and the petite size was fine for dessert. The flan was smooth and creamy and dulce de leche is one of my favorite things, so I had nothing to complain about.


I hate to say it, but my experience at Nobu Next Door was quite a let down. I know that I eat a lot, so I try not to base my reviews solely on my appetite level, but besides the small dishes, the food itself did not wow me.

Rating: ♥ ♥ 

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