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As I continue taking full advantage of restaurant week, I found myself at Quality Meats which was my cousin (and fellow foodie)’s pick. We went for lunch on MLK day, and it was quite busy. I was surprised to see how big it was, and I really liked the modern but warm decor. I had already checked out the menu before coming, and thought it would be fun to try a few different things and share since there were four of us.

Quality_growlerWe figured we’d enjoy a beer since it was Monday, and we were off work – except for my poor husband! So we got the “Growler” which was a large container of their in-house beer, and it was light and very smooth.

Quality_breadThey also brought us this delicious bread which looked like a little flower and was lightly dusted with some oil, garlic and herbs.

Quality_steaktartareI (and most of the table) started with the Steak Tartare, but I convinced my cousin to get the Seared Diver Scallops so that we could share. I loved the presentation of the tartare, it was very “steakhouse-ish”, the meat was very tender and fresh, and the bread was crispy with a little drizzle of olive oil. I am sad to say that this was probably my last steak tartare because no matter what, it just never sits well. And I absolutely do not think it had anything to do with the restaurant or the quality of the meat, like I said it keeps happening to me so it’s definitely something going on with me. Anyway I digress…


The scallops were delightful, and a welcome taste after the meat. They had a beautiful sear to them, and were soft in the middle. It was a great pairing with the crunchiness of the pecans and the sweet grapes.


On to the entrees, mine was so visually pleasing, that I didn’t even want to cut into it! I got the Open-Faced Shrimp Sandwich, which came with waffle fries and a lovely side salad.  I want you to get a better look at my sandwich, because I was really impressed by its height –


It was like a little hedge of shrimp and baby lettuces on top of a grilled toast. The shrimp was very flavorful, and they didn’t drown it in mayonnaise which is so often the case with these salads. I was very pleased with my choice!

Quality_meatballsMy cousin got the Dry-Aged Meatballs with Gorgonzola and Balsamic, and I hate to say it because I almost got this one myself, but I’m so glad I didn’t! Although I did split it with her as was the original deal. The meatball had a bad taste (perhaps the gorgonzola??), and was very heavy with a strange consistency. I was very disappointed in this dish, and barely ate my half of it.

Quality_beefcheeksMy husband and my friend both got the Braised Beef Cheeks with Brussel Sprouts for a $10 supplement. I must say it was definitely worth the extra money. I have never had beef cheeks before so it’s hard to compare, but I found the texture to be so tender it would have fallen off the bone (if there had been one). It reminded me of a delicious osso bucco that had been braised for hours til it practically melts in your mouth. A+ for this dish, Quality Meats!

Quality_icecreamAnd last but certainly not least, the desserts – there were a few different ice cream options on the menu and we went for the Coffee and Doughnuts and Vanilla Bean. They came in cute little cups with wooden spoons, with a cookie on the bottom; one garnished with a chocolate crisp and the other with a chocolate donut. We were all really stuffed at this point, but still managed to enjoy the tasty treats.

I must say I was very impressed with their Restaurant Week menu, the portion sizes were very big, and they had a nice variety of options. I definitely recommend it!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Quality Meats | | 57 West 58th Street

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