Al Forno


My quest for the best pizza delivery in the upper east side continues with Al Forno. After our trip to Poland and Dubai, my husband and I were really jonesing for a good New York pizza, and we decided to go with a friend’s recommendation of Al Forno.


I anxiously awaited for the delivery man to arrive, and before I knew it I heard the familiar buzz, and Nico (my dog) going crazy – the pizza is here! We opened up the box which was still nice and warm despite the chilly 30 degree weather, and it looked delicious! First of all it was a very nice size, enough to actually feed two people unlike the one we got last time from Petaluma. And now for the first bite… Yum! The crust was thin and crispy like it should be, the tomatoes tasted fresh and not like they had been swimming in a vat of grease all day, and the mozzarella seemed legit! I also enjoyed the fresh basil on top, and the mushrooms we got as our topping were very good as well (it’s hard to mess up a mushroom!) My only comment would be that there wasn’t much mozzarella on it, which is fine for me, but I know some people would have been upset by this.


As much as I liked Al Forno’s pizza, I will probably still try out some more places, I have to make sure I am eating the very best one after all! 🙂

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Al Forno | | 1484 Second Avenue

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