Rice to Riches

It was a Friday at 5pm, and I was shutting down my computer at work, really looking forward to an evening of catching up on my tv shows and cuddling on the couch with my blanket, when I get a text from a friend saying she was going to a “Rice to Riches” in Soho, and I should come. I contemplated for a few moments, then figured the couch could wait, I’m not that old after all and it is Friday night! I was envisioning a chic Asian fusion lounge where the girls and I would sip a few cocktails, and catch up on the events of the week – boy was I off!

We get off the subway at Spring Street, and I finally ask, so what kind of place is this? To my surprise, I was informed that we were on our way to eat rice pudding! Seriously? On a Friday night?! Where’s my drink?! Now, I love sweets but rice pudding has never really been my thing. I mean really, how many of you have a midnight craving for rice pudding?  Chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes…now that is what I crave late at night. But I decided to go in with an open mind, and I was quite surprised as soon as I walked in. The décor was not at all what I had imagined, it was very modern, colorful and bright and there were speech bubbles hanging from the ceiling all over the place with funny, sarcastic messages like “Think with your stomach”, Fat….Shmaat!” and my personal favorite, “I didn’t ask you to dance… I said you look fat in those pants!”.  Right away I knew this was not going to be your typical pudding joint (not that there are many pudding joints that I know of anyway…)

We walked up to the bar, which looked very much like an ice cream counter but instead of ice cream in the containers there was a variety of rice pudding flavors ranging from Chocolate Chip Flirt, Sex Drugs and Rocky Road, to I’ll Take Eggnog for $200 Alex – I swear I am not making this up! The best part is that they are more than happy to let you try as many flavors as you’d like before committing.  I tried all of the below:

Hazelnut Chocolate Bear Hug

The Edge of Rum Raisin

Coconut Coma

Perfectly Legal Pecan Pie

Secret Life of Pumpkin

It was a tough decision, but I ended up going with the Hazelnut Chocolate Bear Hug, as my love for all things chocolatey and Nutella-ey won out. I didn’t get any toppings (aka Jesus Droppings), but there are a whole slew of them from whipped cream to the full candy spectrum. All of the pudding flavors were quite delicious though, and when I go again I will probably get a larger size which allows for two options (and leftovers). Now the brightly colored container you get is really half the fun because it’s plastic and reusable and comes along with an interesting looking spoon which could double as a slide for a little ladybug or a micro machine. On the leftovers note, I actually found that I liked mine even better the second day, I’m not sure if it was because it was colder (straight out of the fridge) or if the flavors just needed to intermingle more…

In any case, next time you’re in Soho definitely check out this unique tasty treat!

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ 1/2

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